Code4Cause is India’s first and largest IT non-profit organization

Founded on December 24, 2011 @ Chennai, India

Who we are?

We are a group of techies who are on a mission to help the society with the intellectual property we own. We help the budding /existing NGOs or any Non- profit organization in the field of Information Technology and progress models and that too without a penny. We have been using our own resources to help our partners who in return help the society in one or the other ways. We also indulge ourselves into the causes of our partners and help them grow.

Every success story has a perfect team with perfect amalgamation of skills and genuine effort. Here in C4C we bring a platform for you to make a difference. A difference to change the world with the power of information, technology and innovation. Come join the team and be the difference.

Code4Cause Footprints

How We Came Up With This Idea?

We found there are a lot of non-profit organizations who struggle to cope up with the growing complexity of Information technology and over-reliance on IT to grow or rather to exist; hence we came up with this idea of being a support hand for all our partners in the form of Code4Cause. We help those who help others; our partners are in the field of education, health, employment, etc.

Who are our flag holders?

Code4cause has its members in varied IT organizations and educational institutions. Our members are talented, energetic and active participants. We have members from all the skills and technologies, who inculcate the same values i.e. to help the society.